How much delivery charge will be on my order?

There will be no delivery charge to your order, because all the prices already included worldwide shipping.
How long will it take for the delivery?

We'll ship your parcel out within 2-3 business days. The arrival period approximately 10-30 days from shipping date.
Can I track my order online for registered airmail parcel?
Yes, you can track your parcel online. For US customers can track your parcel at

by input your register number in the "Enter label number" text box. You can get your register number at the your order detail page. Please noticed that your parcel will update after your parcel arrive at your country port. For other country, you can track your parcel at your nearest post office. By informing them register number.

I've been putting in the tracking number for my order and it says that there is no record for that item. It was shipped out over a week ago. Was it shipped?

Yes, parcel has shipped out as scheduled. The tracking number is raXXXXXXXXXth. Ship by registered airmail, the arrival period is approximately 10 to 30 days from shipping date. Your parcel will show on website after 10-20 days. In case, already past 15 days. It still not shows on website. You can contact your nearest post office. By searching telephone number at these page

Or Sometimes Postal office may delivery your parcel while you're not at your home. They may leave a message for you to pickup at post office.

When and where I can find tracking number for my order?
The tracking number will be shown after your parcel has shipped out. Your tracking number will be shown at "order listing" page. The tracking number is raXXXXXXXXXth for free shipping or eeXXXXXXXXXth for express courier.
I guess I have set up an account with you but I do not have my password. Is there someway you can help me to get signed in?
You can visit our "Forgot Password" section. You can put in your email and click "submit". Our program will send your password directly to your email.
Why I can't login with my password and email address?

Here are some tips if you are having difficulty with your password

  1. Your password is case sensitive; please make sure you have properly included any capital letters. Check to see if you left your CAPS LOCK on.
  2. Your password cannot contain any spaces.
  3. If you have forgotten your password, use our Password Recovery Process.

Here are some tips if you are having difficulty with your email address:

  1. Your email address cannot contain any spaces.
  2. Be sure you use your email address and not your name.
  3. Be sure to type your full email address, in the format
  4. If you no longer have access to your email address, you must still use it to log in. Then you may change your email address by email us at customerservices.
Are you using a browser that doesn't support cookies, or do you have cookies disabled?
For your security and convenience, your browser must support cookies, and the option must be enabled in order for you to login. By enabling cookies, you won't have to log in with your password every time you view a new page. To enable cookies, please see the online help for your browser.
What will you do with my personal information?

The personal information you give us will only be viewed by authorized employees of our company for the purpose of completing your order. We do not sell, trade or rent your personal information to others. We'll delete all of yours credit card information.
Is it safe to purchase product from you by using my credit card?

Absolutely. We have taken every precaution to make sure that your transaction is secure. Our website utilizes SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). All account information submitted to us is safely isolated from unauthorized internet access.
Which browser is the most compatible for

We have test our system, unfortunately it does not compatible with all browsers all versions. So we recommend the following

  • Internet Explorer 8.0 or above
  • Firefox 8.0 or above
  • Chrome 13.0 or above
  • Opera 7.1 or above

Note: the recommended browsers are the browser that we have already test. If you still have problem with the above browser, please inform us.

What country that you can't not order ship to?
We can ship the products around the world.
How to get special discount?
There is an easy way for you to get discount from us. We do have an promotion name "Referred Friend". You only referred us to your friend (only friend) and your friend purchase from us with reference to your email that registered with us. You'll get 2% special discount from us automatically.
How to protect yourself from Phishing?

Tips for Our members

It is known that the Internet technologies have increasingly been enhanced and we, Our store, do recognize the importance of security in conducting Internet transaction. Many advanced security technologies are employed to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of our Internet payment system. Yet, it is in the mutual interest of both the Bank and its customers to collaborate to battle against fraud.

It has come to our attention that recently many online users encounter various kinds of phishing e-mails or Web sites created to look like they came from the trusted organization requesting for the users' sensitive personal information. However, any response to such e-mails or Web sites in fact does not go to the organization, but to a fraudster attempting to exploit the information. Different approaches and appeals, such as designs, graphics, logos, layouts and the sender's e-mail address of fraudulent e-mails and Web sites are being utilized to lure users to provide their personal or financial information.

Please kindly be informed that our store. will NEVER ask for any sensitive customer information through e-mail, insecure web site, phone, postal mail, or during service transaction. In case that you find any attempt as mentioned, please do not reply or give any information, and immediately inform us.

If you find any attempt as mentioned, please immediately inform through our helpdesk or email :

What is your privacy policy and return policy?

Please visit this link Privacy Policy and Return Policy


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